Coverage Solutions

List of Offered Coverages/ Solutions

ATV Insurance

Be sure that your four wheeler is covered under your current policy. We recommend this type of coverage while you’re out hitting the trail.

Auto Insurance

With Georgia drivers these days, you never know what’s coming. Use auto insurance to protect your vehicle from a traffic collision or accident.

Boat Insurance

It’s smooth sailing with boat insurance coverage. This type of policy will protect your watercraft from risks and even cover repairs.


Protect your business assets, employees, and customers with the right commercial insurance policy.

Farm Insurance

Find your needle in the haystack with Farmers Insurance. We’ll personalize your coverage whether you own a ranch or a small estate.

Flood Insurance

We’re flooding you with options on this one. Ensure that your property is protected from any natural disaster/secure to weather any storm.

Home Insurance

Make sure you’re covered where it hits closest to home. Your personal residence will be insured against losses or damages under this policy.

Inland Marine Insurance

Cut your losses and ensure that your valuables are protected through this exclusive coverage.

Liability Insurance

This package will protect your assets against any claims that may come your way. Whether you own a restaurant or a small business, it doesn’t hurt to cover your bases.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance can help secure a loved ones future and makes sure that dreams can still be realized and not lost in tragedy.

RV/ Recreational Vehicles

Many RV owners are under the impression that they are covered under a typical auto insurance policy. We specialize in this form of coverage and want to make sure you’re protected on your next wilderness adventure.

Do a deep dive into our waverunner policy. This specialized coverage will protect your watercraft against any accidents, vandalism, and damages.

Umbrella Insurance

Does your current coverage protect you from gross negligence? Through our umbrella policy, you will be guaranteed an extra layer of protection.

Workers Compensation

Keep your business and employees protected with a workers’ compensation policy that can help pay for medical expenses, lost wages, and more.

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